Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are Arsenal's claims becoming shallow with each game ?

 Please Note-This article is a gooner's reaction to a highly frustrating and dismissal performance by his team after they failed to beat a team that is battling relegation.  

14th February 2011 Arsenal recorded a historic win against the mighty Barcelona. Andrei Arshavin carved his name in history books with the winning goal. The magnitude of this victory was so big that it seemed to be-little arsenal's 5 year trophy drought.

A month later the very same arsenal team which was earlier touted to achieve a quadrupole crashed out of  three tournaments in a span of two weeks. Mounting injuries and successive defeats have brought arsenal's season on the brink of disaster.

Arsene Wenger is undeniably  arsenal's most successful manager, his contribution towards building the club cannot be replicated. If any one deserves credit for making Arsenal a role-model for other clubs with regards to management and financial stability it has to be him.

However his policy off-late has back-fired with catastrophic results. Arsenal's defence is pathetic to say the least, the french duo signed in the summer form anything but a strong partnership at the back. Sebastian squilachi, Abu Diaby, Denilson and Thomas rocsicky are certainly not competent enough to be playing for this club.

Although a lot of people might dis-agree with me, But diaby and denilson should be sold as soon as possible. The former is never fully fit and certainly cannot cope with the premier leagues physicality and the latter is simply not that good. His passing has been dreadful and he just cannot do any justice to his role of a holding mid-fielder.

Although fans would like me to be patient and wait till wenger's youth team blossoms and brings laurels to the club. I certainly feel that this attitude has led us down, just by concentrating on the development of the youth the club has been turned into a training-ground.

Unitl the manger starts taking some tough decisions, there is no way the situation will improve. If Fabregas wants to leave for Catalonia this summer let him LEAVE. The club is better off without a player who's heart is not where his mind his. Let Fabregas leave gracefully and he shall always be remembered by fans as a faithful.

SELL under performing players, if a player has been consistently under performing sell him. this would do the club as well as the player a whole lot off good. Start bying some proven players who can stand up in times of crisis and take the role of a leader and inspire others to victory.
It is not so much as this teams lack of quality that is appalling but its lack of a winning mentality that has led it down. The ability to grind out victories against the most resilient opponents is completely missing.

In the end it seems fair if rival fans mock Arsenal right now. It is hard and bitter to digest but the club has absolutely nothing at present to boast about.
The era of the INVINCIBLE' S has gone,stop hanging on it and look at the present.Struggling against relegation threatened teams is certainly not a mark of champions.

Banish the excuses, injuries and  poor refereeing are faced by every team on the planet and are inevitable. A team worthy of becoming champions is one which fight's and wins despite things going against it and currently Arsenal is far from anything close to being called a champion.

Call me a pessimist but i certainly don't see any positives until we start admitting and working on our weaknesses 

P.S- This might be Manchester united's worst team to win the EPL, but if you look at it the other way, Arsenal's current team which is said to be its best in recent times is not even good enough to beat Manchester United's worst squad. Its not a star on United but a matter of shame for ARSENAL

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